MacOS X Server is an additional download for the Apple MacOS X operating system. MacOS X server is not required for running a DNS Server on a MacOS X machine. The BIND DNS Server is part of the core MacOS X operating system.

The Men & Mice Suite is a graphical management application for the BIND DNS Server on MacOS X (the Men & Mice Suite does not provide its own DNS service, unlike QuickDNS for MacOS classic).


Installing the MacOS X 10.7 Server app from the Apple AppStore is save and fine. This part of MacOS X Server does not come with a DNS Management applet, it does not change any configuration of the DNS Server, so this works find together with the Men & Mice Suite. 

Installing the Server Admin Tools does break the Men & Mice Suite, because the DNS Management part of the Server Admin Tools (an additional download from takes ownership of the DNS data and is incompatible with the Men & Mice Suite. 

MacOS X Server Admin Tool


If the Server Admin Tools are needed to manage any other part of MacOS X Server (that is not part of the main MacOS X Server application), we recommend the following steps: 

Using this steps, it should be possible to manage the DNS part of MacOS X Server from within the Men & Mice Suite, and all other MacOS X Server Services through the MacOS X Server Admin Tools. 

However do not start the DNS Service from the Server Admin Tools, nor add or delete zones from the tool. The Apple Server Admin Tools are not compatible with the Men & Mice Suite and will break the DNS configuration! 

Fixing a BIND configuration changed by the Apple Server Admin tool

A working Men & Mice managed BIND configuration file contains this lines in the file '/etc/named.conf':

// This file was generated by the Men & Mice Suite
include "/var/named/conf/logging";
include "/var/named/conf/user_before";
include "/var/named/conf/options";
include "/var/named/conf/user_after";
include "/var/named/conf/zones";

If the Apple MacOS X Server has taken over the configuration file, the '/etc/named.conf' file contains additional lines:
include "/etc/rndc.key";
options {
   directory "/var/named";
   listen-on-v6 port 53 { "any"; };
   pid-file "";
   recursive-clients 2000;
   statistics-file "named.stats";
   allow-new-zones yes;
   allow-recursion { any; };
   recursion yes;

If this happens, to fix the Men & Mice setup, remove all extra lines so that the file '/etc/named.conf' only contains the 5 include statements, then restart the BIND DNS Server and the Men & Mice Suite DNS Server Controller (or restart the machine).