Men & Mice Suite lets you manage the logging settings for each log channel used by your BIND name server. When the DNS Server Controller is installed, it creates two new channels. Within each channel, you can select what categories to log, and what severity level to log at. All messages in the selected categories that have the selected severity or higher will be logged.


Every message logged by the BIND name server has a category and a severity. Below, you will find a list of BIND logging categories, along with a description of what types of messages are logged in that category. Each category has a name used in the configuration file and an English label used in the Management Console’s server options window.

Categories differ between BIND 8 and BIND 9. Some categories are the same, some have the same name but different meanings, and the rest are entirely different between versions.


Common Logging Categories

Logging Categories Specific to BIND 8

Logging Categories Specific to BIND 9