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  • Moving the Men & Mice Central database from Unix to Windows
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The Men & Mice Central database can be moved from a Unix system to Windows, or vice versa.  Follow the same procedure to move the database from Windows to Unix.


To move the database from Unix to Windows, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Install Men & Mice Central on the Windows server.
  2. Go to Services and stop the Men & Mice Central service.
  3. Go to the Unix server and stop the Men & Mice Central service on the server
  4. Locate the mmsuite.db database and preferences.cfg files on the Unix server
    The default location of the files is /var/mmsuite/mmcentral
  5. Locate the data directory on the Windows server
    On Windows 2003 it is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Men and Mice\Central
    On Windows 2008R2 it is C:\ProgramData\Men and Mice\Central
  6. Copy the mmsuite.db and preferences.cfg files from Unix to Windows, replacing the existing files on Windows
  7. Go to Services and start the Men & Mice Central service

For more information on locating the data directory for Men & Mice Central please refer to Location of Men and Mice Central data directory.