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  • Changing the session timeout for the Men & Mice Web UI
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The Men & Mice Web-UI has a default timeout of 20 minutes (1200 seconds). When a session is idle for this amount of time, the user is automatically logged out of the system. This is a security function. The user needs to login to the Web-UI again.


 Sometimes users of the Men & Mice System need to have a change form in the Web-UI open for longer time. The default session timeout is than inconvenient.


For the Men & Mice Web-UI on Microsoft IIS:

there is a file
C:\Program Files\Men and Mice\Web Interface\mmwebext\mmwebext.ini

which contains the SOAP timeout in seconds (default contents if not present):

timeout = 1200
Beside that there is another timeout value in the IIS "Application Pools":
  • Open the IIS Management Console,
  • click on the "Application Pools" entry and subsequent right-click at the DefaultAppPool and select "Advanced Settings".
The dialog contains a value Idle-Timeout in minutes. Just alter this also accordingly to the settings in the mmwebext.ini file 

For the Men & Mice Web-UI on Unix:

the following preferences.cfg file is used to specify the session time out. If the file is not present the default 1200 seconds are used.
To change the default just create a preferences.cfg file in the mentioned location and add the following XML tag:
<sessiontimeout value="1200" />
If the file is already present just add the XML tag to it.