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  • Backup and Restore of Men & Mice Central on MacOS X (not supported in 7.2)
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If you have the Enterprise Edition of the Men & Mice Suite, you can back up the Men & Mice Central data tables using the command line interface. Launch the Men & Mice CLI (a shell command called mmcmd in version 5.5 and above, qdnscmd in earlier versions - if you don’t have it, you can download it from our FTP server ftp://ftp.menandmice.com/pub/mmsuite ).

Execute the following commands within the command line shell:
login server administrator password

backup -f /some/path

The -f will force mmcmd to overwrite an existing backup file. Without the -f the backup command will fail when a backup file mmsuite.db.bak already exists.

Otherwise, you’ll have to back up the data using the instructions below.
When backing up and restoring the data of Men & Mice Central (except for backing up via the command line interface), be sure to stop the service beforehand. Otherwise, the data tables will be corrupted.

The instructions below involve shell commands. These can be executed either directly on the server in a Terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app) or remotely via an ssh session. These instructions are for version 5.1 or later of the Men & Mice Suite; for version 5.0, the stop and start commands are different.


Backing Up

Stop the Men & Mice Central service, using the following command:
sudo /Library/StartupItems/mmCentral/mmCentral stop

Back up the directory
in version 5.6 and above,
in 5.1. For example, to create an archive in your home folder on the server:
In 5.6 and above
sudo tar czC /var/mmsuite -f ~/central.tgz mmcentral

In 5.1
sudo tar czC /var/qdns -f ~/central.tgz qdnscentral
Then start the service again:
sudo /Library/StartupItems/mmCentral/mmCentral start


Stop the service as outlined above. Then restore the data directory. If you followed the instructions above exactly, you can use this shell command:
In 5.6 and above
sudo tar xzC /var/mmsuite -f ~/central.tgz
In 5.1
sudo tar xzC /var/qdns -f ~/central.tgz
Then start up the service again, as outlined in the Backing Up section above.