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Enterprise Suite



(MMSuite 5.5+) How can I reset the administrator password for Men & Mice Central?

Adding a new DNS Server to the Men & Mice Suite DNS Module

Advanced System Settings

Backup and Restore of Men & Mice Central on MacOS X (not supported in 7.2)

Backup and Restore of Men & Mice Central on Unix Systems

Backup and Restore of Men & Mice Central on Windows Systems

Changing the session timeout for the Men & Mice Web UI

changing the TCP port for the Men & Mice Update Service

Configure the web application to use a fixed M&M Central server

Configuring additional logging for Men&Mice Suite/Micetro components

How do I get started with the Men & Mice Suite

How do I uninstall the Men & Mice Suite from my server?

How to run an installer in silent mode (on Windows)

How to unset the "Use Single Sign-on if supported by server" configuration in the GUI Console ?

How to use a template zone to change default values (Refresh, Retry, TTL..)

Location of Men and Mice Central data directory

Men & Mice Central is unable to ping

Men & Mice Enterprise Suite and BIND

Men & Mice Enterprise Suite and Cisco DHCP

Men & Mice Enterprise Suite and ISC DHCP

Men & Mice Enterprise Suite and Mac OS X

Men & Mice Enterprise Suite and MS DNS/DHCP

Men & Mice Enterprise Suite on Unix

Men & Mice Protocol Security

Men & Mice Web Application on Linux: How to enable https

Micetro and ISC Kea

Migrating the Men & Mice Suite database from SQLite to MS SQL Server

Moving the Men & Mice Central database from Unix to Windows

Purging log entries from the Men & Mice database

Role based access example

Scripting with the M&M Suite

Setting up a Managed Service Account to run M&M DNS/DHCP Server Controllers

Software Versions for Men & Mice Suite and QuickDNS

SSO for the Web Interface is enabled, but IE returns invalid username or password

The "Advanced" button in the options dialog is missing

The "Export To Excel" button is greyed out in the Subnet Report of the Web Interface

The Management Console (mmmc.exe) allows you to login, but after that the window does not show up.

The Men & Mice Suite SOAP API

Unable to log onto the server "yourserver.yourdomain" because it is being used by another copy of Men & Mice Central

Upgrading from a 32 bit Men and Mice Central to a 64 bit Central

Using Microsoft SQL Server as a database server for the Men&Mice Suite

Which ports are used by the Men and Mice Suite

Which SNMP OIDs are used by Men & Mice in IP address and Subnet Discovery

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