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  1. Take a backup of the M&M Suite Database. The location is described in the following article:

    - If you use the built-in DB then take a backup of the mmsuite.db file. Please stop the M&M Central service before you take a backup of the file.
    - If you use Microsoft SQL Server please take a backup using the SQL Server mechanisms, for instance, right-click on the DB and Tasks->Backup (and take a Full backup)

    Without a valid backup a rollback is not possible!

  2. Starting with version 6.4 you can use the M&M auto update to install the new version and update also the Controllers.
    Just login as "administrator" to the M&M Management Console and download the new version (Tools->Check for Updates) and start the installation from there.
    This requires that the M&M Central machine has access to the server "update.menandmice.com"


    In later versions it's possible to specify a http proxy in Tools->System Settings, press the Advanced button and specify there the proxy settings. The Advanced button will only show
    up when you login as the built-in "administrator" user.

    If Central has no access to "update.menandmice.com" and you can't use this method just download the appropriate M&M Central installer and run the installer executable on the machine that
    runs the old version of Central.
    It will update Central and update also the database to the appropriate level.
    The most recent version is available at:
    All M&M Version are available on our download server:

    Please note that when you run Central in HA/high availability mode that you want to break HA for the update. Details can be found in section "Updating servers in High Availability Setup" of the following article:

  3. Login with the M&M Management Console (old version) to the updated new M&M Central.
    You will be prompted if you want to update the Console. Just confirm and update it.
    Next login with the updated Console as "administrator" and open the Update Status dialog (Tools->Update Status).

    From there you can monitor the update of the components (mainly the DNS Server Controllers and DHCP Server Controllers).

    First they will most likely show up as outdated, after some time update in progress and then up to date.
    This might take some minutes depending on the amount of servers attached to M&M.

    If some Controllers can't be updated automatically please check if the M&M Updater daemon or Windows service is running on the server
    and if the port 4603/tcp is accessible from the machine that runs the M&M Central.
    It's also possible to download the Controller installer and run it again on the machines. The installer will also update the Controller binaries.
    However, with a running M&M Updater it should not be necessary.

    Update M&M Appliances:
    In the same dialog (Update Status) you can update the M&M DNS (authoritative and caching) appliances.

  4. Updating the M&M Web Interface / with version 9.1 there is a new Web Interface "Web Application", which consists of the new Web Interface and the Web Services service/daemon.
    On Unix please download the installer and execute it. It will replace the files and the binaries.
    On Windows you want to uninstall the old version and install the new one.
    Custom Tasks (customization in the web interface that are listed in the Custom folder of the web interface) will be retained.

    Starting with version 9.3 of the M&M Suite the Web Application will be updated also automatically by the auto update. Another option to update the Web Application is to download the
    installer of the new version and run it, which will also automatically update the Web Application to the new version.