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  • Migrating the Men & Mice Suite database from SQLite to MS SQL Server

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Our knowledge base contains an article that describes the process of creating the database and configuring it: 
Using Microsoft SQL Server as a database server for the Men and &Mice Suite.  
The remaining instructions below assume that you have created the mmsuite database in MS SQL and that you also have a preferences.cfg file with information on connecting to the MS SQL server.  When Men & Mice Central connects to the MS SQL for the first time, it will create the necessary tables.


The script may take a few minutes to run, depending on the size of the database.



If the script returns an error that it can't load the SQLite DLL please check if the DLL that is located in the X64 or X32 sub-directory is "Unblocked". Right-click on the DLL and select Properties and press the Unblock button.
Please note that Windows might refuses silently the Unblock action. You can check this by re-opening the Properties and if it still shows the Unblock button it's still blocked.
In this case just take a copy of the DLL and delete the original DLL and Unblock the copy and it should work.


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