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In version 9.1 of the Men & Mice Suite, a new Web Application for the Men & Mice Suite was introduced. This first version of the new web application has basic DNS and DHCP management functionality. In an upcoming version 9.2 of the Men & Mice Suite the goal is to expand on the DNS and DHCP functionality and add new features which are not present in the current web interface or the Windows client (The Men & Mice Management Console).

The new web application is split into two main sections: DNS and Networks. Additionally the new reporting feature is accessible in a specific section called Reporting.

From the DNS section, it is possible to do the following

  • Create new DNS zones (limited to master and slave zones in the first version)
  • Manage the DNS records within the DNS zones

From the Network section, it is possible to do the following

  • Create a new network range or a DHCP scope
  • Manage the the IP addresses within a network or a DHCP scope
  • Create DHCP reservations
  • View related DNS data for IP addresses within a network
  • Add DNS hosts for IP addresses


For a general introduction of the web interface, see General. Several features are used throughout the user interface, such as The Inspector, the Filtering sidebar and the Quick command feature. The three main sections of the web application are DNS managementNetwork management and Reports management

Getting started


Installing the Web Application

Installing the new Web Application for the Men & Mice Suite is straightforward. Please follow the instructions on the Men & Mice Download page.

Note that the web application can not be installed on the same server as the old web interface resides. It needs to be on a separate virtual host. 

Logging in


  • Server: The hostname or IP address of the server running Men & Mice Central
  • Username: The name of the user you want to log in as
  • Password: The password for the specified user
  • Log in with Single Sign-on: For configuring single sign-on, please see Configure Single Sign-On

Using the Men & Mice Web Interface

The Web Application is split into 2 main sections: DNS and Networks. Additionally, the reporting functionality is in a separate section. See Reports management

For general information on the various elements that are common to all sections, see General.

Getting help or support

On the front page of the Web Application is a help sidebar on the right. There are important information regarding how to get help and documentation. 


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