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The Men & Mice Suite now can integrate natively with cloud based DNS services as well as manage IP address related data for Azure and AWS, including virtual networks and subnets that exist in cloud accounts.

In previous versions to version 8.2, only Azure DNS was natively supported and Amazon Route 53 was supported through the Men & Mice Generic DNS Controller, but as of 8.2 all cloud services are natively supported and all are easily added to the Men & Mice Suite as cloud instances. In version 8.3 partial support for Akamai Fast DNS was added.

Supported Cloud Services

Cloud service


AkamaiPartial* (Akamai Fast DNS)N/A
AzureYes (Azure DNS)Yes
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Yes (Amazon Route 53)Yes


The use of a cloud DNS service in the Men & Mice Suite is transparent to the user. Adding DNS zones, DNS records, or modifying the two is done in the same way as with other DNS servers in the Men & Mice Suite.  Currently only master zones can be created on cloud DNS services.

* Akamai Fast DNS support is limited to editing DNS records in existing DNS zones. Creating and deleting DNS zones must be done through Akamai's web interface.


Configure Cloud Integration

To start using the available cloud services, they need to be added and configured through the Men & Mice Management Console. 

For detailed instructions on how to configure Men & Mice Cloud integration, see Configure Cloud Integration

Using Cloud Integration

Using the available cloud services in the Men & Mice Suite is as easy as using DNS Zones, records, or subnets as before. 

For detailed instructions on how to use Men & Mice Cloud integration, see Using Cloud Integration


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