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December 17th, 2018

Men & Mice announces the release of Version 9.1.8 of the Men & Mice Suite.

This is a maintenance release containing various fixes and improvements. 

Bug fixes

  • An issue was fixed where a deadlock could occur when calling the AddRange API command
  • An issue was fixed on the Men & Mice appliances which prevented the web server to start up correctly
  • An issue was fixed where the old Men & Mice Web interface would not work correctly on IE 11
  • An issue was fixed where running specific reports in the new web application could have unexpected performance impact on Men & Mice Central
  • An issue was fixed where subnet discovery would always update the default address space and not the expected address space
  • An issue was fixed where disabled DHCP scoped where not being shown as disabled
  • An issue was fixed where converting a range to a container would not be persisted correctly to the database
  • An issue was fixed for the DNS Remote installer where the parsing of the configuration would fail in case of server statements containing a TSIG key 
  • An issue was fixed for the Men & Mice Web services installer where it would not correctly handle specific properties of the init scripts on RHEL 6.8


  • Thread safety of exceptions was improved
  • Logging from Men & Mice Central was improved
  • Various performance enhancements
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