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  • Upgrading from a 32 bit Men and Mice Central to a 64 bit Central
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Beginning with version 6.2.1, Men and Mice started offering a 64bit version of Men and Mice Central on Windows. An upgrade from a 32 bit installation of Central may fail and/or result in a clean database (without losing the old database though) if the following precautions are not taken.




  1. An existing installation of a 32 bit Men and Mice Central should be manually uninstalled before trying to run the installer for the new 64 bit Central. If the 64 bit installer is run directly, it will falsely claim to have upgraded Men and Mice Central, but nothing actually happens.  
  2. Before installing, the data directory containing the existing 32bit Men and Mice Central database must be moved to a directory appropriate for a 64 bit application or to the custom installation path chosen during the installation of the 64 bit Men and Mice Central.

    The location of the data directory depends on the version of the existing 32 bit Men and Mice Central and on the version of Windows. In recent and the current versions of Men and Mice Central the data directory is one of:
    • Windows 2003 - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Men and Mice\Central\
    • Windows 2008/2012 - C:\ProgramData\Men and Mice\Central\
  • If the existing data directory is already one of those two (containing e.g. mmsuite.db), no further changes are required. This would be the case for the most recent versions of Men and Mice Central. 
  • If the existing data directory is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Men and Mice\Central\Data, move the contents of that directory to one of the two directories above, creating the folders as necessary.
  • If a custom installation path was used for the existing installation, make sure to either retain that path for the 64 bit Central or to move the contents of the Data directory under that path to one of the two directories mentioned above