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  • Unable to start DNS Expert AD Monitor admin program
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When the DNS Expert AD Monitor admin program is launched, it displays an error message saying that the database is locked. 


When a user starts the administration program, a lock file is created in the DNS Expert AD Monitor data folder. This is to prevent multiple users from starting the administration program. This is needed because the data files can be stored on a shared volume, but only one user is allowed to work with them at a time. When the administration program is quit, this lock file is cleared. If the admininistration program is not ended normally, the lock file is not cleared, and the next time a user tries to start the program, an error message is displayed. If this happens, you must remove the lock file manually.

The name of the file is filelock.lck. The path to the file is:
C:\Program Files\Men and Mice\DNS Expert AD Monitor\data\filelock.lck
Find and delete the lock file, and then try again to launch the DNS Expert AD Monitor admin program.