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  • SSO for the Web Interface is enabled, but IE returns invalid username or password
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I have
  • enabled Windows Authentication in IIS7 for the MenAndMice folder, disabled the rest of the authentication schemes. (If you have just installed Windows Authentication please note that you want to restart IIS / iisreset).
  • edited the index.htm  ( added the server to the cookie and commented in the SSO / commented out the non-SSO)
  • enabled SSO in the M&M Management Console for both IIS and Console
  • checked the SSO with the M&M Management Console and it works fine
But when I try to load the index.htm in IE it returns invalid username or password


The Windows Authentication in IIS has by default the Kernel Mode Authentication enabled, which blocks the SSO.


In the IIS Management Console, Windows Authentication -> advanced settings 
set the "Kernel Mode Authentication" to disabled.