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  • Naming of open source installation package files
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Men & Mice offers installation packages for popular open source DNS and DHCP software. The filenames have a structure that encodes the compilation settings and operating system architecture for which the packages are build.


How is the information encoded into the filenames?


The Men & Mice packages filenames are encoded using the following scheme:



Men & Mice currently offers installation packages for these open source software products:


the Version number of the software
Sometimes the version number is prepended by the name of a patch set, like 9.9.3-P1-rrl for the Response-Rate-Limit (RRL) patched for BIND.


the flavor indicates how the software was compiled. Flavors can be combined. The following flavors exist

  • "" (empty)  - the default configuration (available for all packages)
  • 4 - IPv4 only binaries (IPv6 disabled, available for BIND 9)
  • d - DNSSEC disabled (available for BIND 9)
  • n - new statistics format (available for BIND 9.9.3+)
  • t - with tuning option "large" (available for BIND 9.10+)
  • e - with LIBEVENT support (available for Unbound)
  • f - forked process mode (available for Unbound)
  • v - with LIBEV support (available for Unbound)
  • r - without "readline" (no dependencies to the readline libraries, but also no history in nsupdate, available for BIND 9)
  • l - with response rate limiting enabled (RRL, available for BIND 9.9+)
  • p - with Python module (available for Unbound)


the layout describes where in the file-system hierarchy the files are being installed:

  • RHL - default RedHat file locations
  • MNM - Men & Mice file locations (suiteable for switchbind/switchunbound scripts), install into /opt/bind-<version>, allows to install multiple versions at the same time
  • LOCAL - default location installing into /usr/local
  • SOL - default Solaris 10/11 locations
  • DEB - default Debian/Ubuntu file locations


the processor architecture the software is compiled for:

  • i386 - Intel 32bit i386 architecture
  • i686 - Intel 32bit, Pentium or higher processors
  • x86_64 - Intel/AMD 64bit processors
  • SPARC - SUN SPARC processors
  • armv7l - ARM Cortex CPU


the package format of the installer packages:

  • RPM - RedHat Package Manager
  • DEB - Debian/Ubuntu
  • PKG -Solaris SYSV packages
  • ZIP - MacOS X mpkg within a ZIP file