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  • Installing the Men and Mice Suite on Debian linux
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Installing the Men and Mice Suite does not work on Debian linux. The installer will fail with an error such as:

Setting /etc/init.d/mmcentral to start at runlevel(s) 3, 5 in /etc/init.d
ERROR: Directory /etc/init.d/rc1.d not found.
Please contact support@menandmice.com


Debian linux is not official supported by the Men & Mice System. However, Ubuntu Linux is supported and Ubuntu is built on top of Debian Linux.


The trick to make the installer work on Debian Linux is to make it think it is running on Ubuntu Linux. 
For that, create a file named "/etc/lsb-release" with following content 
then start the installer. 
Without this file, the installer script will think it's running on RedHat Linux instead of Debian, and that is why the creation of the startscripts fails. 
The lsb-release file can be safely removed after installation of the Men & Mice Server Controllers.